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We offer general home repairs, window and door installations, siding replacement, insulation, painting and a variety of other home service needs for all seasons.

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We can assist you with selecting tile, paint colors and trim, as well giving you excellent tips from the insider’s perspective.

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As is most often the case when remodeling older homes the depth and spacing of most framing members is not adaptable to the use of conventional fiberglass insulation.  Fiberglass batts can at times be cut to fit, although insulation performance is sacrificed.  An alternative that is gaining popularity as well as code approval by the IRC is the use of “spray-in place” insulation such as the Icyenene product shown here in this conditioned attic space.  It solves the problem of irregular sized lumber and spacing by virtue of its application and physical characteristics. 

The product is pumped in from a truck outside the structure and a thin liquid layer is then sprayed into the empty bay by the installer.  Instantly the product begins to “foam” out as it expands to over 150 times its original size.  Within seconds the insulation is trimmed level with the studs and rafters giving the bays an R-3.6 per inch insulating value.  There is also the option, where allowable, to overfill the rafter bays covering the normally exposed edge of the rafter.   This can succeed in eliminating any thermal bridging and creating an attic space that maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the year without the need for roof ventilation.  Initially, the installed cost of “spray-in place” insulation is generally twice the cost of fiberglass insulation. However, consideration must be given to the long term energy savings as well as the absence of condensation issues commonly associated with fiberglass insulation.   

Examples of foam insulation in living room and attic.



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